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Corporate Training on Linux, UNIX, Shell Script

We do provide Corporate Training on Linux Administration, UNIX, Shell Scripting. We also provide Online Linux UNIX training at the best price. As well as Industrial Training on Industrial requirements.

Linux is a versatile and secure network Operating System which is distributed in different level of kernel. This is the product of open source which is broadly used world-wide.

It covers topics including Linux essentials, mailing system, web hosting technique, firewall, building proxy servers, gateway customizations, LDAP, File server

Course Content

  • OS structure
  • Boot process
  • Basic, Essential and Advance Commands
  • User Group Management
  • Permissions
  • Service Management
  • Network Essentials
  • Shell Scripting
  • Perl
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Linux As a Router
  • Understanding on Remote Login
  • File Transfer, FTP, TELNET, SSH
  • Concept and Implementations of DNS
  • DHCP in a commercial manner
  • Understanding Gateway
  • Proxy Concept in industrial implementation
  • Up/Trojan Horse Etc & counter measures
  • How to deploy a full featured Proxy Server
  • Content filtering
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Control Panel
  • Understanding Mailing System in depth
  • How to build a Enterprises Mail Server
  • Implementation on popular MTA like Sendmail/Qmail/Postfix
  • Understanding of RBL/PBL (Integration with Mail Server)
  • Web Hosting Techniques
  • Build and manage a LAMP Server
  • Concept of HTTPD and MySQL
  • Multiple Domain Environments
  • Sub domains
  • Linux File Server [Samba Server]
  • User group management / Veto files
  • Backup, restore files and folder
  • Windows AD/MySQL/LDAP Integration
  • Single Sign on for various Servers [Proxy, Mail Server etc.]
  • Linux Security (Firewall / Service Level Security / Tips and Tricks)
  • Gateway Management
  • Load Balancing
  • Concept of Nagios Tool
  • svn
  • Building a Chat Server
  • Tips and Tricks for
  • Mail Server Maintenance
  • Proxy Server Maintenance
  • Log Analysis
  • Discussion on common Industrial problems
  • Introduction of New Technologies

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